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We are refinishing a basement. Someone put in some walls for us, including a closet to hide a large water softener, etc. We were going to have him put in the doors, but it's a budget buster. The rough opening is 82 tall by 66 1/2 inches wide, and the floor is a concrete slab. I think his original plan was to put in a pair of doors that would open outward. I've never hung doors before, and it seems like a prehung pair of doors this size will be expensive to buy and hard to install. I thought instead I would buy slab doors ($19 at Home Depot or Lowes) and install them as a pair of sliding doors. My problem is figuring out what dimensions of things to use where to finish the opening and picking the right door sizes. my other problme is that I tend to write really long messages... ;-) I read something that said I needed to leave 1 3/4 at the top for the track, and so I am thinking that an 80 tall door will be just right. For finishing the rough opening I found jambs at HD that were for a max door height of 80, and I don't remember the total length of the material (primed pine) but it was about 81 tall. Again, I was sloppy and didn't write down the dimensions of the jamb material but it was approx 1/2 thick. But if I use the jamb material on the sides (no clue what to use on the top--same stuff?), my rough opening will be approx 65 1/2 which doesn't match well with the door widths. The doors I am looking at are 6 panel composite and come in widths of 30, 32, and 36. If instead of jamb material I use clear 2x4 pine (if there is such a thing) then I think my finished opening will still be a fraction of an inch too wide for the 32 doors. Help please!
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: TARA LOWE (Bell Gardens, CA), 01/17/2019

You can get materials to make a screen at big box stores, aluminum channel(or use wood 1x2), screen, spline, etc.

- TYLER POWERS (Manchester, NH), 02/22/2019

The double bifold doors idea is the only option you should consider for the utility space. If this space contains any gas appliances then think about using the full louvered design.

- LOIS POWELL (Elizabeth, NJ), 03/01/2019

Thanks for the responses. If you helpful folks don't mind, I have some followup questions: -I'm not sure why the hollow core slabs (as sliders) would be bad. They have wood all around the perimeter, and so I figure that would be enough for attaching the slider hardware at the top. -Bifold doors are an interesting option. I don't need to access the contents of this closet much, and I figured that in th case of major repairs, I could pull the sliders off the track. With a bifold I wouldn't need to do that. But, the only bifold currently in my house has a pivot that goes into the floor at the fixed end of the door. I don't want to have to do that in my basement, since it would mean cutting a hole in the concrete slab. Is there and easier way? -If I get a pair of 30 bifold doors, what kind of lumber, etc do I need to use to finish my rough opening and have it be the correct size? It's currently 66 1/2, and so I'd need to make it 6 narrower -Same question if I stick with sliders, but maybe easier since I can get 32 (or 36) doors Thanks

- ELIZABETH JONES (Elyria, OH), 03/02/2019

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