Forum Title: What is wrong with that window?
We are currently having a custom home built (drywall going up this week) and we have asked the builder twice what is wrong with one of the windows. We are always brushed off and told it will be fix. We went today and saw their 'fix'.... 2 screws and one is a drywall screw??? Can someone tell us what is wrong with that window so we can show knowledge to the builder? Is that window even repairable? Sorry, the photos posted sideways. The 1st one is what they fixed and the 2nd pictures shows the other side of the window. That side is not damaged. The bottom 2 pictures show the middle and bottom of the side with the problem.
Category: Windows & Doors Post By: VELMA MCLAUGHLIN (Temple, TX), 01/16/2019

You could possibly use an adhesive velcro strip on one rail at the top with an adhesive velcro strap on the other one. Velcro would allow you to leave it attached and you can open and close the windows to the same location every time. Sort of like a flexible stop measure. Plus it's adjustable.

- FELICIA MOSS (Lafayette, IN), 02/16/2019

Builder said he ordered new balance. Wondering if he did or just brushing us off again. The windows are all brand new. Unfortunately, installed by his 'jack of all trades'.

- MARIE MITCHELL (Overland Park, KS), 02/12/2019

I totally agree with Larry. Judging by the rub marks on it and the specks (mildew?) that looks like a window that perhaps was installed somewhere else... was rejected, and now he's trying to pass it off on a different customer as new. The spiral balance tube on the right is mounted correctly. The spiral balance on the left has been rigged to work but the screw through the face of the frame rather than replacing the spiral balance is pretty ghetto. If it was fixed properly (replacing the balance) you would now have a hole in the face of the frame. Does the window even operate properly? When you lift the sash up, those spiral balances should help lift the window easily. And they should not give you any resistance and hinder the operation of the window as you shut it. If there are other similar windows, compare how they operate with this one. This looks like a VERY low quality aluminum builder-grade window.

- ROSE REED (Knoxville, TN), 03/02/2019

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